I’m over here…behind 1000 vintage plates

Hi old friends,

I’ve been away for ages. I’ve made some changes, including my focus here. If you don’t want to hear about antique china, mushy thoughts on love and life, dinner parties, recipes, and weddings, then get.

If you’re still here, I have some news… Chase and I are engaged! After 5 years together, he proposed on our traditional hike to Elizabeth lake in Tuolumne Meadows (Yosemite.) This deserves it’s own post, so I’ll come back to it later, but it sort of sparked everything that follows…

I love everything about weddings, but once we were engaged the idea of actually planning mine seemed daunting. The one thing I did know, was that I wanted antique china, mismatched, but perfectly curated as if one person had traveled and lived and collected her favorite dishes through her life. I wanted my reception to look like we decided to have a wedding in the woods and set the table with what was already in the house, and it just happened to work out beautifully. So I started scouring thrift shops. I used to travel around LA for work and wherever I would end up, I hit all the thrift and antique shops I could find. I became obsessed. At first I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for. Now I can just look at something and know if it’s bone china, and about how old it is. Eventually, I was a year out from our big day with a collection large enough to provide full service to a small wedding of about 50. I had contemplated renting everything out after the wedding but it seemed like such a waste to just store all of those beautiful dishes for a year. That summer I lost my day job. A job I hated but would never have quit on my own. For 2 years I was miserable but the money was good, and it was very flexible. God’s timing is one of the most beautifully orchestrated things to witness when you see His plan unfold. Because of my sudden job loss, I poured everything into Fern and Bone. I launched the website, join the knot’s vendor guide and contacted some of my best wedding industry pals to collaborate on a styled wedding shoot in Joshua tree. Well, it’s been about 7 months and I’m so happy to say that I’m almost in over my head with inquiries everyday now. Our Joshua tree shoot was featured on 100 layer cake and can be seen here. And I’m now doing this full time. Best of all, I’m probably the happiest person I know. #girlboss

Yesterday, I drove to pick up some vintage limoges china from a woman who clears out houses. I love imagining who owned the dishes I collect for Fern & Bone. I guess how many dinners they’ve been a part of, what they contained each time, what conversations were had around them. The woman told me that this particular set was from a couple in their 90’s who wanted to downsize. It was their wedding china. I thought about them for the rest of the day. I thought how beautiful it is that these dishes have been with them all of their married life, no doubt blessed by their enduring love. I thought how some of my brides will use these plates on their wedding day. China from a bride who was has loved and been loved for a lifetime. How beautiful and priceless that is. If you believe in good luck, I can’t imagine a better way to bless your wedding. Then I felt so much pain. Chase and I are just at the start of our journey. Even though we have loved each other for nearly 7 years, compared to a lifetime, we have really only begun. And this beautiful couple, with impeccable taste, is nearing the end of their time together on earth. I cry every time I think of that. Ugly cry. It all goes so quickly, our lives are so short. I’m sure that 90 year old woman feels like it was just yesterday that she was a young bride to be, and then in a moment, you’ve done it all. How tragic but how beautiful that it all happened. All I can say is that I truly hope I get sick of Chase by the time we are in our 90’s because I can’t imagine not wanting more of him, more of our life, every day forever. I hope God will set aside a little cottage for us in heaven. I promise not to fill that one with china.



Bunny Flower Crowns DIY


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princess brisbySpoiler Alert: This post may contain too much cuteness. 


I have been meaning to post this for some time but these little buggers never want to sit still long enough for me to properly capture all their sweetness. My new green chair was the perfect solution. So how do you make your bunny/kitty/dog/llama as fancy as mine? I will tell you! You will need just a few things. 


.glue gun & glue sticks (I usued about 5 small ones for both crowns)

.thick wire (you can get this in your jewelry section at your craft store)

.fabric or dried flowers (I used a mix of different ones from Michael’s but Rachael and I were in Hobby Lobby today and they have a far superior selection, especially when it comes to more life like foliage)

.floral tape

.wire cutters


There are so many ways to go about flower crowns. Sometimes I like to wrap each flower around the base of the crown (with a bit of thin floral wire) to give extra support but since these are for little critters who will probably only where them as a photo prop, glue will be more than sufficient. Start by measuring the wire to fit around their ears. Make sure you leave enough space to fill in with flowers, give it an inch or two of extra wiggle room. Connect the ends of the circle together with a bit of floral tape. Then add your flowers! I do this one at a time, popping them off their stems and adding some hot glue along their base, and placing it along the wire loop, slightly sideways so that it is glued on by the little stub stem and a petal or two. Each time you add another flower, add some glue to the bottom petal of the last flower you placed, as well as the wire base itself. This way, the flowers will all be connected to each other as well as the wire. I add the smaller filler flowers after the larger ones are on, to fill in any gaps and add some interest. 

finished crowns


And there you have it. You can’t go wrong. With these, I say more is more so pack those flowers in and don’t leave any bare spots!

crownsAnd here they are modeled by the fanciest bunnies in the land. I can’t get Gideon to sit still for anything. Check my instagram for a behind the scenes clip of a banana bribery that didn’t really work but is oh so cute. 




While the spotlight is on my girls, I urge you to educate yourself on rabbits if you plan on adopting one. I got Gideon downtown LA one day. She was an impulsive $20 purchase from a street vendor which I later found out was a completely illegal, inhumane operation. I should have known but I was so in love when they placed her in my hands. They told me she was a boy…hence her masculine name. They told me she was a miniature, that she wouldn’t get much bigger. They told me she was 11 weeks old. None of that was true. She was about 2 weeks old, far too young to have been separated from her mother. What they do is take baby buns at a very young age, set them in the sun all day in tiny little cages, and try to sell them as mini rabbits, along with mini turtles, parrots, etc. If the police come or you take out your camera, they will pack up the whole lot in a huge garbage bag, and be gone before you turn around. It’s very very bad. Most of these rabbits don’t live more than a day or 2 because of course, they are too young and buyers don’t educate themselves on rabbit care. It’s a quick $20 for the vendor and such a tragic short life for most of these babies.

This is Gideon the day I brought her home. Teeny tiny baby bun the size of my palm!

This is Gideon the day I brought her home. Teeny tiny baby bun the size of my palm!

I worked from home at the time so she spent most of the first few weeks sprawled across my chest, or laptop to keep warm. I researched everything I could about rabbits. What they should be eating at what age, what is poisonous to them, how much exercise they need, when they should be spayed, etc. As Gideon grew, so did her houses. Chase eventually built her an “apartment” in the closet with a little gate and lined the shelf and floor with carpet so she had a fancy little loft. She went through about 5 different houses before we got Brisby and had to upgrade to a large dog kennel, lined with carpet and of course, an added loft so they have more space to lay. These are some spoiled rabbits, let me tell ya. However rabbits need lots of time out (at least 8 hours a day) so they only go in there at night or when we’re not home to watch them chew up the furniture…ahem…Gideon.

Because rabbits are not the little leave-them-in-a-cage-all-day pets most people expect, (they are actually a lot more like cats) Many people who buy them as novelty pets, end up abandoning them at shelters when they become too much to handle. So so sad. Please don’t buy a bunny for your child for easter. Don’t buy babies bunnies at all in fact. They go through a “teenage” period where they may become destructive, and pee EVERYWHERE to mark their territory. So many times, Chase would put on a clean shirt and Gideon would immediately pee on him. Spaying completely solves this issue and they will naturally litter train themselves and only go there…again, very much like a cat. They also stop chewing as they get older. Unfortunately many people don’t make it this far with their “troublesome” buns. 

We got Brisby about 2 years ago when Gideon was almost 1 so she’d have a friend. The staff at Bunny Luv did the whole bonding process for us over the course of about 2 weeks. They are so in love. Best best friends. And it’s so funny to see their different personalities. Brisby isn’t a chewer. She’s much meeker and so so sweet. Gideon is vocal, demands attention, gets into everything, and is very social and playful. They are so important to us. Chase and I always joke about who would get custody of the rabbits if we were ever to separate. These girls are so influential in my life and art and have taught me patience and calm me when I’m stressed and they are just the most enchanting things I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Chase says that we don’t own them, that they just live with us and we take care of them. I think he very well may be right. If anyone owns anyone, I’d say the rabbits pretty much run the show around here.





You & I

Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 12.06.46 AM


Hello all! It has been a long year full all of the wonderful things and go into a year of life. And I am so happy to share this fabulous feature of my You and I brooches in the latest Flow Magazine! I was contacted by one of their freelance editors a few months ago and she requested a some photos to include in their Dutch issue. The magazine is available in several languages all over the world. I didn’t know that they had made the cut until one of my customers in the Netherlands saw my work in her magazine and sent photos one morning via etsy convos. I love my customers ♥ So here is a clip of the page. I don’t speak Dutch but it basically says that you send in photos and I’ll sculpt custom brooches to look like you. I’m currently working on a pair for someone who saw them in the magazine!♥

I’m so blessed to get to create. I love this enchanted life I live. You know, I’ve never even been out of the country. And I don’t go on more than 2 mini vacations a year; to Yosemite for Chase’s family camping trip in Tuolumne Meadows, and San Diego for our anniversary. My day jobs, though magical and eternally flexible, are so financially unpredictable, and I have so many aspirations and projects, traveling is never quite at the top of my budget. I have friends who have “grown up” 9-5 jobs that they don’t really enjoy, but they make money and go out on weekends and take big vacations. But I *love* my life everyday. It’s not glamourous but I’m grateful everyday, and I get to do things that make me happy everyday. Someday I’ll make it to Europe, but if God-forbid I die tomorrow, at least today, I’ve sculpted, and played the ukulele, and cuddled with the bunnies. I’m so so lucky.

I’ll be in touch more. In the meantime, I’ve convinced my best friend to open up her own etsy shop, which she fills with the most beautiful handmade dream catchers. Pop into Oh Poor Eleanor to show some love. Goodnight ♥

Funny Little Flower Shorts

My grandmother used to sew clothes for us from funny Walmart patterns with wonderfully dated fabrics. I recently found an old pair stuffed in a drawer at my parents’ house and I’ve been wearing them while sculpting and painting. They are oversized with a black on white flower pattern circa 1970s, or so they look. They also flare out like a skirt. But they are so comfy. I’ve had them since I was a kid and my cousin had a matching pair, only then, they went all the way down to our knees. I remember rolling out of bed every weekend around noon, after my grandma would peak her head in the door for the 5th time pleading with Danielle and me to get out of bed, worried that “it’s not healthy.” We’d probably find some fresh baked banana bread or bran muffins (which don’t sound amazing but oh, they were so divine, the ones my grandma made) butter it up and head straight into the “art room” wearing our big oversized shorts and lose hours painting and sewing and sculpting. It’s funny how wearing 15 year old shorts while crafting in my own “art room” can make everything I do feel just the same as when I was doing it then. It’s a happy feeling. A bit of a longing feeling, but perhaps they are responsible for my sudden burst of creativity. So much of my work is reminiscent of my childhood. Danielle who is 2 years older than me, always had a straighter seam, a gentler hand or a smoother stroke. She once made a tiny doll out of polymer clay who could eat and have it come out the other end via a drinking straw digestive tract. She was quite clever. I could never get mine to do that. But I think all those hours in the art room planted the first seeds of my love to create. And they may not have working eating and potty abilities, but I think my own dolls are coming along quite well…15 years later.


These girls and many other new friends have just settled into my etsy shop.  Stop by to see more work. I think I’ll have new friends finished and photographed to add tomorrow or the next day as well! I realize I haven’t kept up on this. I’m going to try to amend that. Until next time.


You little Sweet Potato

I need to not stay away so long. I don’t even know where to start. April was so good to me. Full of so much love and family and miracles and food! Chase and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary in San Diego, I was able to be with my parents on their birthdays and my brand new niece was born at 5:45pm on my mother’s birthday. *sigh* my heart is so full of love.

If you were following…I kicked the cleanse a bit early. I wanted to go for 20 days but I lost all of my energy and could barely run a mile. The day I finally decided to eat a meal (day 10), I ran about 3.5. I was missing my long runs. I’m trying to find a gentle balance now with the two. I’m actually back on a cleansing routine after my parents’ birthday during which I consumed way too much cake, blondies, and the huge vegan breakfasts I made for them each day I was there.

But I did discover a culinary creation that will stay with me through raw cleanses and indulgent periods; veggie noodles! When I happened upon a raw zucchini noodle recipe on Pinterest, I of course ordered a spiral slicer of my own straight away. I think I have a bit of a problem. When I decide I “need” something, or I want something done, I have to get to it right away even if it doesn’t fit into my day or budget. When I was still living in my studio apt in Hollywood, my mom and I bought a queen sized  bed frame at Ikea, just before she had to dash back to the central coast. She instructed me not to carry it up alone but to wait till Chase got off work and have him help. About an hour later, I sent her photos of the bed, not only in my apartment, but completely assembled, and pillows fluffed. Chase was of course still at work. “My name is Brooke, and I am impatient.” hi brooke…

So here’s my super delectable, super simple recipe. I sort of tried to emulate the sweet potato gnocchi from Trader Joe’s but this is of course much healthier, gluten free, and tastes very similar!


Vegan Butter Sage Sweet Potato Pasta


4 large sweet potatoes

1 cup coconut milk

2 cups water

1 tsp Sage

ground sea salt and pepper

2 tbsp earth balance or other non dairy butter





peel the potatoes and spiral slice them with your slicer. (I’m seriously in love with this thing)

In a pot, add all your sauce ingredients. I add the water a cup at a time, then let it reduce and repeat, adding the noodles after the second cup of water. I use tongs to toss them around in the sauce every few minutes. Cook until all “noodles” are soft but still intact. If you over cook them, they’ll just turn to stringy mush. You want them so they are still a bit firm but thoroughly cooked. *Once they start to break, they are definitely done.*




Vanilla Cashew Milk. Waste not, want not.

After seven days on this raw food/juice detox, I have a few things to share with you! First, if you are looking into doing something similar for weight loss, I have lost about 7lbs in less than 7 days. Don’t get too excited. Most, if not all of it is water weight as it goes with any quick drop in body mass, but there you have it. Aside from that, I haven’t suffered many of the common detox symptoms I experienced when doing 3 day cleanses but I think that’s largely in part to my already vegan diet. In fact, I don’t feel that much more energetic or wonderful than I did before. If anything, I definitely do have less energy and I am only running a little over a mile per day with some core work and pushups so I don’t totally drain myself. It makes me a bit sad. I want my energy back! This weekend a couple of my shows had sing alongs and when I play “my bonnie lies over the ocean” I am to make the children stand up and sit down every time there’s a word that starts with a “B”. Needless to say, I only played one round of this little delight each time.

Pure Watermelon Juice. I think this must be what the Lord drinks on Sundays too. Heavenly.

Pure Watermelon Juice. I think this must be what the Lord drinks on Sundays too. Heavenly.

Mermaids drink green juice to keep their scales shiny!

Mermaids drink green juice to keep their scales shiny!


Cantaloupe, Carrot, Ginger

I took my juices in ice packs and had them in between shows and for me, it’s actually easier when I’m super busy and away from home because I don’t think about eating as often. I’ve been a lazy little slug today. And I’ve been dreaming of food since I was woken up by the crazy neighbors screaming at each other at 7:30am.

I have to say, the most exciting things I’ve learned this week are the new recipes for raw foods! I stopped drinking milk for the most part long before I became a vegan. It’s really quite bad for you and the animals and the environment and switching over to delicious almond milk was effortless for me, especially since I mostly only put it on cereal or in protein shakes. I drink Trader Joe’s Vanilla almond milk and it’s just lovely but not quite raw so I had to make a Cashew milk and I just had to share the recipe because it is heavenly. I wish cashews weren’t so expensive, I would switch over to this permanently. I just might anyway!


raw cashews (I get mine from trader joe’s in a big bag)

water for soaking

water for milk

vanilla extract

honey or agave or maple syrup


Soak your cashews overnight in a big bowl and make sure they are covered with water. They will absorb a lot of it so give them some wiggle room.

rinse your cashews and put them into the blender. I do this in a couple of batches, blending 2 cups at a time.

Add an equal amount of filtered water. (2 cups of cashews to 2 cups of water)

You can add a few tea spoons of vanilla, about a tablespoon of sweetener of choice. (I prefer honey although there is much debate over whether this is truly vegan or not. It’s a personal decision.) You can also add some cinnamon, Oooooo nutmeg might be delicious in this. *note to self for the next batch*

Blend for about a minute until it’s totally smooth and no chunks remain. You want it to be as liquified as possible.

You can drink it like this, but I definitely recommend straining it with a paint strainer or cheese cloth. You will be astonished at how milky and smooth it is once strained. I push it around with a spoon to make sure it’s really going through, then pull it out and squeeze any stubborn liquid that remains.

Repeat the above steps, *though I don’t add any more honey or vanilla to the next batches to keep it from becoming too sweet but it’s totally up to you!*

IMG_5022If you do choose to strain, you will wind up with a huge heaping pile of cashew pulp! I’ve gotten really funny about wasting lately. Maybe I’ve always been that way but since becoming vegan, I’ve noticed that I waste less because there’s no animal product in my food to decompose and rot so it lasts a lot longer. Anyhow, with juicing, you will be giving up a ton of pulp. For all of my carrot pulp, I found a recipe for raw carrot cupcakes with cashew date frosting which some of this went to. The rest went into a raw cookie dough which I will post later this week. But all of this talk of food is making me soooo hungry so I better go have a juice or find something to eat!

A Vegan Easter and a Juicy New Start to Spring

spinach, kale, celery, romain, apple, lemon juice

spinach, kale, celery, romain, apple, lemon juice

Since cutting all animal products out of my diet, I have been awakened to a whole new world of food. I’m a foodie for sure, and I love to bake and make dinner for friends. So naturally, I’ve explored the Vegan world of cooking from scratch (you should always cook from scratch, there’s nothing better) and I have eaten some of the best foods of my life. Homemade oatmeal cream pies, cauliflower cheese casserole, veggie pizzas, stuffed mushrooms, red velvet cupcakes….smorgasbord, orgasbord!…I’m channelling Templeton the rat from Charlotte’s Web when he’s eats all the left over fair food after the people leave. Do you know what I’m talking about?

I could go on and on but that is where the problem lies. I have gone a little overboard and now it’s time for a restart. My efforts of running several miles per week and the multitude of spin and yoga classes cannot keep up with my wonderful curiosity to try everything vegan. Now please don’t misunderstand, I’m in the best shape of my life! I never could run the mile in highschool, I used to dread it, walking  the whole thing with the other chubby girls finishing in an impressive 16 minutes. Now I can run 5 in less than an hour or 1 in about 9 minutes and I do something active almost everyday. My heart rate is down to 52bpm (an athlete level for a woman) and I can see my top two abs!…well. almost. But I have a track record of ruining all the hard work I put in and I need to to learn to do things in moderation. So. I am doing a 20 day juice/raw food restart. mostly juices, mostly green, and a smoothie and protein shake added in. From my research and what my body is telling me, I think it’s best to not just live on juice alone, especially for such a period of time, but to add in an artichoke for dinner or a few pistachios for a snack. This is not so much to cleanse (well a little bit to cleanse the easter jelly beans out) but more to reteach myself to take smaller portions. I don’t need to eat everything everyday. So here we go on day one and I am going to try and share as much as I can with you every once in a while. Today I had my lovely green juice and as I write this, I’m enjoying my current favorite, cantaloupe, ginger, carrot juice. I need to head to Trader Joe’s in a bit to pick up more veggies and I’ve got my cashew milk all ready to go! I’m definitely going to look up what I can do with this cashew pulp. I’ve added a little honey and vanilla so I think it’ll have to be a raw frosting or butter.

So far, it’s past 3pm and I’m feeling fine. A bit hungry but I’m a little behind on my juices right now. I’m sure by tomorrow I’ll be feeling the detox symptoms if I’m to have them. But they say that ginger is good for headaches so hopefully my juice will help me through. I’ll make another post with my recipes if anyone is interested. And just to reminice and say farewell to most foods for a while, here is what I did for Easter this Sunday…

There are a good selection of vegan restaurants but not so much vegan brunch buffets here in LA. I wish this would change. Brunch buffets are one of my favorite things in the whole world! Anyhow, I had to make my own…

mimosas with fresh pressed cantaloupe and orange juices

mimosas with fresh pressed cantaloupe and orange juices

He enjoyed it very much!

He enjoyed it very much!

stuffed french toast, sauteed rosemary purple and white potatoes and vegan benedict

stuffed french toast, sauteed rosemary purple and white potatoes and vegan benedict

family photo, Me, Brisby, Chase and Gideonfamily photo, Me, Brisby, Chase and Gideon

vegan benedict with thyme sauteed spinach, tomato, avocado, and hollandaise

vegan benedict with thyme sauteed spinach, tomato, avocado, and hollandaise

cream cheese stuffed french toast

cream cheese stuffed french toast

A vegan kitchen is a happy kitchen

A vegan kitchen is a happy kitchen

From an Emotional, Sore, Inspired, Baby Vegan

I’m writing to you from inside a rather sore body. Chase said I need to exercise more, since I shouldn’t be in such agonizing pain the day after doing only an hour of yoga. So we’ve started a new “game”… the first round of which is a month long and ends on Valentine’s day. We are to do one active thing a day and if we fail, we must put a dollar in the jar. The rules: at minimum, 30 minutes of high impact cardio, or an hour of low impact exercise like pilates, yoga, dance, etc. Simple enough. The score so far: Chase $2, Brooke $1. I wimped out day 2.

Also, I think after almost 3 weeks, I’m in the clear to say that I’m a vegan. I’ve been toying with the idea for a long time but have never really committed to it. Until I finally came down with this year’s horrible flu, and while bedridden, I decided to watch Vegucated, a documentary on Netflix. Now, I must disclaim this by saying that whenever I get sick, I become extra emotional and I may have cried while watching an old Hillary Duff Disney Chanel movie that was also on Netflix. Cadet Kelly anyone…? If you know the movie, I know the face you are making at your computer screen right now. So ashamed. But see how emotional I become? So you can imagine how watching watching little LIVE baby chics falling into a grinder because they weren’t “useful” and freshly born calves being dragged away from their mother (who will then be artificially inseminated to repeat the whole process again) just so I can have some milk and butter, finally put me on the other side of the fence. And I feel so much happier and stronger now (I can finally do a pull-up which I give full credit to my new vegan diet) and I have not wanted for meat! Plus I’ve had some of the most delicious foods I’ve ever had! like vegan red velvet cupcakes from Sprinkles in Beverly Hills, and homemade spagetti with Diaya cheese (which is once of my new best friends.) Get ready for lots of vegan recipes and feel free to share some with me. I’m still learning!

Oh! This is an exciting bit: The short comedy I filmed in August had 2 very well received screenings at the El Cid’s Short Film night in Silverlake in December and January and it’s been submitted to three other festivals here in LA. I’ll keep you posted on it.one day stand

As for crafting… I’m looking into screen printing my illustrations for a line of young women’s tops and totes and possibly some baby clothes. I made a few homemade screens several months ago and I am looking into using the photo emulsion method to get some of the details in my illustrations to show better. I’m really excited about it.

As for now, I’d better get some exercise in for today. I don’t want to loose another dollar to that damn jar.


Beatrix and Me


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Tonight after work I ran to Michael’s for some water colors, trader joe’s for some english muffins and other such necessities,  and then I popped over to London.

I can’t quite explain this overwhelming connection I feel toward Beatrix Potter. I believe that I am quite possibly a piece of her, if I may be so bold to think such a thing. I’ve been inspired by many writers and illustrators. I can’t watch enough interviews with Maurice Sendak; his opinions on his work, and childhood, and life & death have stayed with me always. Judy Blume was a breath of fresh air to a pre-pubescent girl who, at 24 years old… is still waiting for her breasts to come in. (I’m positive they’ll pop up any day now.) And I have admired and loved and studied Shel Silverstein and Dr. Suess since I first discovered them at a early age. Yet Beatrix Potter, I just…I don’t know if I’ll every be able to put into word how I feel about her. I want to know what her favorite food was and what she thought was funny and how she truly felt about God and people. I want to hug her and tell her how much she inspires me and how exquisite her illustrations are and how perfectly fantastical her stories sound. I want to tell her how proud I am that she bought a farm on her books alone and made her own way. And I want to have tea with her by the fire while it rains outside, and I want to gossip with her!

I watched Miss Potter tonight (which I’ve owned for years and watched before) and I usually only put things on in the background while I’m doing something else because I must always be productive. But I cozied up on the couch and watched while I finished off the last of the sour patch kids from last night and cried into the bag when she fell in love and my heart broke when she lost that love. But mostly, I was inspired. In following in my mother’s footsteps (which I always manage to do as I get older whether I mean to or not) I am finally going to start writing again. I think discovering that was productive enough for one night. Thank you Miss Potter wherever you are. I am so in awe of what you’ve done.

“There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they’ll take you.” -Beatrix Potter